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Our email is: Gcdonahue@cox.net
Contact us at 949-929-1699
 we are located in Newport Coast, CA. 

Consider Adopting from Rescue Bengal's, more information below....

Be careful, there are so many scammer's and people are getting ripped off, they take your
 money and don't send your kitten. They seem very nice and even have a cattery and are registered. People have told me they saw my cats pictures posted in some other persons
 ads. It's hard to tell who is a scammer, and you can't always believe what you hear, 
what you read or what is true. 
Us breeders do our best to watch out for those kind of scams and will keep each other informed, if you see or hear about scammers, please report them. 

I have been selling kittens for 10 years with only one complaint, Not Bad! Every cattery
 will have their share of problems, but you don't hear about them. I want to apologize to my clients that you have to hear one unhappy clients complaint, her name is Sharon Shelton and her kitten Cleio.
 She bought a kitten over 5 years ago and had 1st pick of the litter and picked her kitten.
 Weeks later she wanted to change kittens, but I told her she picked her kitten and the other kittens all sold. She ws very rude and nasty to me and demanding to have a kitten that
 was sold. I should have saw the red flags and not sold her a kitten at all. I new Sharon Shelton would never be happy, she made my life a living hell. All the complaints are from this one lady Sharon Shelton and her kitten Cleio,
 If you see, read or hear any nasty complaints about Bengalbabies, 
please let me know, so I can address them. Thank You!

I do my best and sometimes my best is not always good enough for some people. Every cattery will have one or two kittens get sick, and if so...
return it, no questions asked. 
To avoid scams, you need to see in person and don't be afraid to ask questions.

Quite often kittens are sold before they are born by getting on a waiting list, 
so if interested contact us to hold you a kitten with a $200 nonrefundable deposit.

Waiting List Will Have Priority! 

There are three packages 
Let me know what package you want with your kitten.
Parents test for Felv/Fiv, HCM, and health checked and vaccinated yearly
before breeding to assure kittens health and excellent bloodlines.

Package #1. $1250 - $1800 for a kitten (price depend on kittens marking and coloring) comes with
 1st shots and worming, blanket, tica papers (come after kitten has been altered)

Package #2. Add $150 for giardia test and vet health check for heart murmur, ear cleaning, nail clipping, capstar for flea prevention and kitten carrier. if you want pedigree papers $50. extra.

Package #3. $250 added for spay or neuter, microchip, ear cleaning, nail clipping.

Stud Service $1800 
Breeding Dam must have Felv/Fiv vaccination and has had her Rabies 
shot in the past year. Repeat breeding if necessary $200.
Tica registered, certified pedigree.

All Queens and Studs test negative for HCM 

Consider Adopting or Fostering a Bengal from:
Go to Bengal Rescue or Bengal Cat Rescue
to see how you can help.

Shipping is available to most airports in the US for $275
This includes the flight, required Vet exam/USDA health certificate and new shipping crate.


F1 { 50% Asian Leopard } 
F2 { 25% Asian Leopard } 
F3 { 12.5% Asian Leopard ]
F4 { 6.25% Asian Leopard }
SBT { All Generations after F4 }
 Village Andia of BengalBabies
Tested Neg. HCM July 2011
 Newleaf Prince Charming of BengalBabies
Tested Neg. HCM July 2011

Tica Registered
 5 Generations of Jean Mill Millwood and Gogees bloodline...
Extra Large Rosettes, breeder/show quality kittens every time!!!
Our kittens are always friendly with great personality's, not wild or shy and won't run from you.

We test our Breeders all year round before breeding and test kittens before they go for: 
Felv a leukemia test, Fiv similar to aids test, Fip, giardia test, ear mite check, flea prevention, microchip, 
and comes with a health certificate from a Licensed Veterinarian. 
Also checked for heart murmur to assure seller and buyer kitten is healthy. 
No ear mites, fleas, runny stool, no respiratory problems, colds, parasites, UTI.
Each test can cost up to $400. 
Queens and Studs tested Negative for FIP, Felv/ Fiv Lekumia and Aids 
FVRCP vaccination 2013
Our kittens cost from $950 to $1800

We are a small cattery and only breed from Champion Bloodlines. 
Our kittens are raised in our home with lots of love and attention so they 
have good temperaments and sweet personality's. 

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Look for this ad, it's a large poster in Vet offices and many
 ad's around the world!

Andia of BengalBabies and Prince Charming
Below is "Nala" Sold TICA Reg. 2011
Negative for HCM and Negative for FIP 2-9-2012 
She is now living a happy life in Seattle Washington with 2 of her babies.
I miss her!!!
Sold to Denise of AustinBengalsCattery.com from Taxes
Andia's Daughter....Maui Girl of BengalBabies
Tica registered Maui Born 7/13/11
Sold to Carolyn
Andia's granddaughter Beach Baby (Sienna) of BengalBabies 
Tica registered Sienna Born 3/9/11
Tavi sold to Denise of AustinBengalsCattery.com from Taxes
Andia's female..."Tavi" of BengalBabies
Tica registered Tavi Born 11-9-11 
Below is Nala's daughter..."Levu" of BengalBabies
Tica registered Levu Born 2-27-11

Below are a few Queens and Studs... Tica Registered Cattery

Below is Tavi at 4 weeks old, look at her amazing rosettes at 5 days old...
This is what you would expect to get from my breeders, 
extra large show quality rosettes and amazing looking kittens.

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Below is Andia's daughter "Mango" of BengalBabies
Tica registered Mango Born 5/18/12
She is a gorgeous rosetted girl. She is one of Andia's babies
Bengal Development Stages...
Spots turn into rosettes.....understanding color and markings.
CLICK here to see more development stages 
Charly 8 wks
at 3 months
Charly at  2 wks
Kim Kardashian with her nephew Mason petting my Bengal that was in her photo shoot. She post this photo on her Facebook!
Thank you Kim Kardashian for picking Charly/Tigger out of the hundreds of kittens 
to be in your family photo shoot.
Say hello to Queen Andia and her baby
at 4 months
5 months old here
animal producer
Kim and Mason

Singer of Linkin Park Band - Chester and Son Draven
Thank you Draven for sharing your photo of Ferris and your Dad
Chester and Son Draven
Draven named his kitten  "Ferris"

Looking for an 

Asian Leopard Bengal 

to be in your photoshoot, 

Feature Film or Commercial

Let me know, we have

 gorgeous show quality cats!

Call 949-929-1699

This is Bentley at  3 mo
When Tavi was 5 days old
This is Candy a happy buyer of my Blue Boy Bengal...
This was the first time they met and look how affectionate he is!
My Photo shoot with the Kardashian's

This is a Blue Point Bengal
Cat Trees

Raquel Minasian

Click   To see Available Kittens
Click   To see Available Kittens
Click   To see Available Kittens
Click   To see Available Kittens
Click   To see Available Kittens
Click   To see Available Kittens
Click   To see Available Kittens

When Tavi was 5 days old
This is Bentley at  4
This is Bentley at  4 1/2 mo
Below is Bentley, welcome him to our program. 
He has amazing clouded rosettes, we are excited to see what he will produce, I'm sure his litters will be exceptional!
DOB 1-21-14

True Bengals have spots on their tummy, don't be fooled, there are many mixed bengals, only ture Bengals have spots on their tummy.