Welcome to BengalBabies Cattery
updated 3-2-21

A Licensed and Tica Registered Cattery
Call Carrie 949-929-1699
email me Carrie@BengalBabies.org

Bengal's are Hypoallergenic Cats
1st Litter Queen: Indy...of BengalBabies and Sire: RW SGC Missing Mink 
$3000 to $4000​
Tica registered-No kittens 
New Arrivals are here!!!  not all kittens posted

Queen Indy
Indys Prior litter SOLD, you can see development stages

5 weeks


8 weeks
3rd Queen: Dallas....of BengalBabies
Parents Indy and Lucky Break Tica reg. 

3 wks here
10th Litter is Queen "Asahi"....
pet prices for browns $2200-$3500, lynx snows $3000-$3500 Tica Reg.
litter Born 2-14-21.....Get on her waiting list
Queen Asahi
2nd litter Queen: Miss Tahiti of Bengalbabies...Sire Daytona
Miss Vegas and Lucky's little girl Price range $2800 to $4000
Tica Registered.......Get on her waiting list
     Babies are here born 2-24-21 
Dallas's development stages Below
Queen Miss Tahiti
RW SGC Seal Mink Missing Mink
When buying a Kitten
5 generations of Jean Mill with Millwood, Gogees and
 Carrie's BengalBabies..... top of the line Bloodlines Amazingly sweet personalities

#1.  $1250 to $3000 this is pricing for pet kitten (price determines on kitten
color and markings, and personality). All kittens will have their 1st set of vaccinations and worming. Parents are TICA registered. After spay or neuter of your kitten, copy of parent pedigree will be Available
to you if asked.

#2. If you check the box on contract for vet health check, they check for heart murmur, nail clipping, ear cleaning and ear check for ear mites, cap star or revolution for flea prevention all for $75.

*If you want extra testing like: giardia test for parasites or worms ($50).
*Blood test for Felv/fiv or other testing if needed is ($115) extra. 

#3. If you want me to have your kitten spade or neutered add $290. and it will be at my vet, you can contact me when your kitten is 5 months old, I will take him or her. includes nail clipping, ear cleaning, flea prevention  $50 extra for a microchip.

*Shipping is available to most airports in the US for $355 This includes the flight, required Vet exam/USDA Health certificate and shipping crate.

My Bengal Babies will be the closest
 to the Asian Leopard Wild Cat
as you can get, without the wild! 

Waiting list takes priority! taking deposits now!

Gorgeous show quality and
 Friendly personalities!

Test Neg. for HCMPRA n/n, and PKD n/n
We also have Snows, Silvers, Sepias,
Seal Minks and Lynx Points Snows

Kittens Available!!!
They go fast, taking deposits.
Brown rosetted
A gorgeous 4 1/2 months old Junior female Sold $1800
Kitten sadly returned for reasons beyond owners control, that is why discounted.
Its heartbreaking, but it happens. we do find homes fast, so Keep an eye open!

4 month old just spade female Sold to Kelly
5th litter is Queen "Cappuccino" of Bengalbabies...Sire "Daytona"
Tica Reg.   price range $3000 to $4000
Due  3-29-21.......Get on her waiting list.

Queen Cappi
7th litter is Queen "Kenya" and Sire "Captivating Ryuu"
Tica Reg.... Lynx points $3000, browns spotted $2600-$2800
Bred 2-21-21.....Due 4-25..... Get on her waiting list
Sire Captivating Ryuu

4th litter is Queen Miss Vegas Missy of Bengalbabies....Sire "Daytona"
Tica Reg.   Price range $2400 to $4000
Due 3-18-21 ...........Get on her waiting list

Breeding Studs
to see more on who is breeding, go to Breeding Pairs page

Queen Miss Vegas (Missy)
12th litter is Queen "Miss Nala" and Sire "Enzel"
New owner Ashli....Tica Reg.
Born 2-13-21....Get on her waiting list
Sire Enzel

Miss Nala
Blue Bengal
 You can see her development
1 kitten from Missy's Prior litter sold

6th litter is Miss Sequoia of Bengalbabies...her parents above
Tica Reg.   price range $3000 to $4000
She is the newest addition to our program
Bred 3-1-21....Get on her waiting list

kitten from prior litter sold
#1 snow
Lynx Point
Sold for Francis
#4 male large rosetted
pink collar 
Greg/Anne Miller
Bentley jr.
A gorgeous 2 yr old Junior male Available! $1850.
He was bought as a breeder but not wanting to breed, that is why discounted.
he is a sweet loving boy with gorgeous rosettes.
Will have the same look at the male on the left
Prior Lynx Point Snow, and a brown large rosetted so you can see her past litter colors Sold
Queen Kenya
 Snow female
 Sold to 
 Snow female
 Sold to 
Sire Enzel
2 kitten from Kenya's Prior litter sold
Sire Daytona
8th litter is Queen "Savvy" and Sire "Percy"
Tica Reg....  prices from $3000-$4500 Kittens Born 12-10-20 ...... All sold

 Savvy and Percy

they had 4 boys


male yellow collar Sold to Kevin 

Gorgeous show quality male with large rosettes,Sold to Kady $4500
just one of 4 kittens from this litter for you to see their 
gorgeous color and markings all Sold

#1 Brown collar male seal mink marble Sold to Victor $2400 to $2800
#1 Blue spotted female Bengal purple collar Sold to Karen $2800

#1 Brown Bengal, white collar, male, Available  $2800

#1 Red collar Male darker face Holding for Hari

#2 Blue collar Male lighter face Holding for Matt
#2 Pink collar, female Seal mink marble snow, Sold to Danny $2600
 evaluating color and markings as she grows
#2 Blue spotted female Bengal, Blue collar, Sold to Kili $2600
5 days old here

this kitten
 could look like this older
sold kitten
to the right

 Black Bengal
Sold to

this is a 4 mo old blue bengal Sold
just showing ​what this kitten
may look like, maybe smaller spots 
this kitten
 could look like 
this older
that is
sold kitten
5 days old here
this is a 4 mo old blue bengal is sold
just showing you​what kitten above
may look like,
only smaller spots 
2 days old here
2 weeks old here

 Black Bengal


9th litter is Queen "Jazzy a Safari F1" and Sire "Enzel"
Tica Reg....  prices from $4500 to $6500....Due 3-5-21
10th litter is Queen "Sammy" and Sire "Bentley Jr."
her mom is Catalina
Tica Reg....  due 3-10-21 ...prices from $2800 to $3500
11th litter is Queen "Isabel" a snow and Sire "Bentley Jr."
her mom is Nala
Tica Reg.... due 3-10-21.... prices from $3000 to $3500

Sire Bentley Jr.
Queen Sammy
Sire Bentley Jr.
Queen Isabel
Sire Enzel
Queen Jazzy an F1