These Bengal Babies 
will be the closest to 
Asian Leopard Wild Cat
look as you can get. 

I have F3 cubs and
 SBT Bengal kittens
deposit $200

Waiting list takes priority!
To assure you get a kitten


SBT bloodlines. 
No ticking 
no tarnish 
clear glitter coat 
TICA  registered 
Friendly personality!

Test Neg. for HCM

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Light Brown Kitten 
a few days old
Different colors & markings
Bora Bora Nala's Daughter retired
4 wks old here
7 mo old here
Available Kittens Below!
There are three packages you can get with your kitten

Package #1. $1250 to $2400 this is pricing for pet kitten (price depends on kitten color and markings) comes with 1st set of vaccinations and worming, tica papers (come after kitten has been altered).

Package #2.  add $150, parasite giardia test, vet health check for heart murmur, nail clipping, ear cleaning, cap-star for flea prevention, a kitten carrier, bag of kitten dry food and a can of kitten wet food.

Package #3. add $150 for spay or neuter at 5 months old, microchip, nail clipping and ear cleaning, flea prevention.
Darker Kitten
7 mo old here
8 wks old here
A few Bengal kittens Development Stages below: click to see more.
as they grow, their rosettes open and change colors. 
A few weeks old

 3 months old here
4 wks old here
Sire Sauvage
Welcome to BengalBabies
updated 8-15-17
New Arrivals...LuLu litter pic coming !!!!
A Licensed and Tica Registered Cattery
Call Carrie 949-929-1699
email me at

Bengals are a Hypoallergenic Cats
for people who are allergic to cats and have bad allergies 

4 wks old here
Queen Mango
Seal Lynx point they have blue eyes

2 wks old here
5 wks old here
Stud Bentley below, development, a rare clouded rosetted Bengal
1st Litter is Mango.....Her prices start at $1800
Queen Mango and Sire Sauvage (SGC)
1 Female Available! born 5-10-17
Bentley at 5 mo old
his rosettes
are opening
Bentley at 10 mo old
rosettes are
fully opened
Bentley 3 mo old
Bentley 10 mo old
Bentley's Dad, thank you Rosemary for letting us have Bentley
4 mo old here
Get along with other animals 
HHypoallergenic cats, play fetch, train to walk on leash.
SGC Bloodlines for friendly personality's
Not wild or  hide from you
SGC for best top Breeders amazing show quality color & rosetted clouded markings
End of this litter
3rd Litter is Indy....her litter starts at  $1800 pet price
Indy and Lucky
 Tica registered... Born 6-6-17
8th litter is Queen Kiara...Andia's daughter... and Sire Lucky Break
Tica registered....
owner is Laurel...prices start at $1800 to $2400
Below Kiaras past litter....all sold

End of this litter
10th litter Queen Sara and Lucky  
Tica Registered....her litter is $1800 - $2400
owner  is Laurel....born March 31st, 2017
Tahiti Girl above
 is a carbon copy of her dad Bentley below 
Available Bengal Kittens Below
If it says sold, ask us what is available, sometimes they come available. Also not all kitten pictures are posted.

Tahiti Girl..... (Andia and Bentleys Girl)
2nd Litter is Tahiti Girl.... her prices start at $2000 to $2400
Tahiti and Bruiser
Breeding with Bruiser

Brusier (Sauvage's boy)


9th litter is Queen LuLu and Sire Lucky
Tica registered...Kittens bron 7-7-17....$1800 to $2400

Queen Sara
This is Mangos prior litter below all sold
Sire Lucky Break

Queen Tigerlily
11th litter Queen Tigerlily and Lucky Break
Tica Registered....starting at $1550 as pet

7th Litter is Seal Lynx Point Snow F3...Alaska
Alaska and Lucky Break
 Tica registered...Born 6-7-17....$2400 as pet

F3 Seal Lynx Point Snow "Alaska"
Lucky Break
Male #1 
Sold to Breanne
Male #2
Sold to Johnath
female #1 
Sold to Adreanna 
F4 Female sold to Felisha
Below Indy's prior litter all sold
​6th litter is "Rio" and Lucky
Rio was born 5-15-16 her Mom is Arizona and Dad is Mufasa (dad just retired)
Her litter was born 6-19-17​
Prior F4 Bengals kittens below are Sold

male Sold to Leigh 
Black male #3 Sold to James $850 He will look like adult on the right
female sold to Phillis 

3 weeks old here

12th litter Missy
Tica Registered....price $1800....$2400
​parents Mango and Mufasa...missy born 6-17-16

Below LuLu's past litter....all sold
Male Org Collar Sold
Female Sold to Laurel
Lucky Break
1 wk here
4 wks here

2 males Sold to Dan...their development stages
male org collar sold to Alex 

Female #2 Sold to Esther
4th Litter is Dallas....her litter starts at  $2400 to $3000 pet price
this is Indy and Luckys female
 Tica registered...Breeding 8-10-17 with Brusier

She is only
 7 months
 old here
but will
No litters yet, This is her development stages 
Mango Female
only 4 weeks old


F4 #1 blue collar male
 Available! $4500
as pet

F4 #4 female Yellow Collar 
 Sold  to Carol $2400

#3 female
 Pink collar

F4 #2 female org collar Available  $2400

F4 #1 female purple collar Sold to Will $3000

Male #1 red collar Sold to Bill and Madison

Male #2
 purple collar
 to Stacy
Female #1
 pink collar
 to Shane
Female #3 Available $4500
Prior litter below all sold, just a few of her past litter
5 weeks old here
8 weeks old here
​5th litter is "Riya"  and Neo (owner is Ester)
Litter was born 6-29-17​

Riya a spotted seal mink
Neo a rosetted seal mink
6 wks here

1 week old
​3 weeks old
wks old
1 wk here
3 wks here
5 wks here kitten

Lexus is a Sepia, Female spotted 
should look similar to Neo. Sold to Jenny
 Miss Vegas

F4 #5 Black female Available!
 on the right
 is an adult
 what she will
 look like

Male #2 Sold to Julia $2400
Male #4 Sold to Russell $2400
Male #3 Available! $1800
Male #1 Available! $2400
Below LuLu's kittens Available!