These Bengal Babies 
will be the closest
 to the 
Asian Leopard
 Wild Cat
as you can get, without the wild! 

Waiting list takes priority!
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TICA  registered 
Friendly personality!

Test Neg. for HCM neg.
PRA n/n, and PKD n/n

Different colors & markings
Bengal Development Stages click to see more.
as they grow, their rosettes open and change colors. 
Let us know what you are looking for, we will help find the right kitten for you!
Sire Sauvage
Welcome to BengalBabies Cattery
updated 11-7-18

A Licensed and Tica Registered Cattery
Call Carrie 949-929-1699
email me

Bengal's are a Hypoallergenic Cats for those of you who are allergic 
Both parents test for HCM neg. PRA n/n, PK n/n
Queen Mango

2 wks old here
Stud Bentley below, a rare dark clouded rosetted Bengal Not for sale

Queen Mango and Sire Sauvage (SGC) Both retired 7-20-18
Living in Yorba Linda

Bentley at 5 mo old
his rosettes
are opening
Bentley at 10 mo old
rosettes are
fully opened
Bentley 3 mo old
Bentley 10 mo old
Below is Bentley's Dad, thank you Rosemary for letting us have Bentley. 
He is a brown rosetted Bengal. Not for sale!
Get along with other animals 
Bengal cats love to play in water, play fetch,
 and walk on a leash
1st Litter is Queen Indy and Sire Missing Mink 
Tica registered... pet price $1800 to $3000
born 9-5-18
2 kittens left available!
Tahiti Girl above is a carbon copy of her dad Bentley below 
Available Bengal Kittens Below, scroll down

New Arrivals are here!!!

 ask who is Available, not all kittens posted

They go fast get your deposit's in!  


Indys Prior litter below all SOLD, what to expect from her next litter
get on her waiting list
females sold to Phillis 
2nd litter is Missy (Miss Vegas) and Sire Bentley Jr.
Missy was born 6-17-16 parents Mango and Mufasa
Tica Registered....price range $2400....$3000
Get on her waiting list!
2 males Sold to Dan
4th Litter is "Queen Dallas"...."Sire Sauvage" "SGC"
her litter starts at  $2400 to $3000 pet price
 Tica registered..
Get on her waiting list!
This is Dallas below, her development stages.
3 wks here
Male #2 Sold Julie
Male #4 Sold to Russell 

Sire Sauvage SGC
6th litter is Queen Kiara...Andia's daughter... Sire Sauvage
I sold Kiara to new owner Laurel...prices start at $2400 to $3000
Tica Reg........Get on her waiting list! ..... $200 deposit


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Lynx Point Snow
 Female she Sold

This is a Silver Female

Dark Sepia snow marbled at 3 weeks old Sold
Prior litters below all sold what to expect from next litter
Kiara's Prior litters below sold what to expect from next litter
kitten below sold...FYI What a marble will look like as they get older
Get on her waiting list for next litter!
Dark Sepia snow marbled at 6 weeks old 
here he is at 3 mo old 
Missing Mink SGC Lynx Point
5 wks old here
litter "Queen Kazuri" and "Bentley JR."
Tica Registered....Breeding 9-3-18
Get on her waiting list for next litter!
Queen Kazuri

Sire Bentley Jr.
Miss Vegas (Missy)
Bentley Jr.

5th Litter is Queen "Asahi"....Sire "Bentley Jr."
her litter starts at  $1800 to $3000 pet price...Tica Reg.
 born 7-18-18...... Get on her waiting list! Breeding 10-17-18
Bentley Jr.


7th litter is Queen Sheeba...of Bengalbabies
Indys daughter is Sheeba
Tica Registered......prices start at $1800 to $2400

purple collar Female kitten Sold To Hana and Tim
Green collar
female kitten
 Sold to
 Hana and Tim
Blue eyed Lynx Point Snow
 Female Available $2400
Born 7-18-18

Kiara and Lucky's Little Girl 
She was born 9-17-17
She has had all her vaccinations and ready to go to a loving home. She is wonderful and sweet, she uses the litter box well, no fleas, no ear mites, no stool problems, gets along well with children. The family that owned her had 2 young boys.

This is a special kitten, she was returned for reasons the family just could not give her the attention she deserves, do to their busy schedule. She is 1 yr old Available! $$1800
She has been spade and microchipped.
3rd litter is Miss Tahiti 
Missy and Lucky's little girl is added to our program.
Tica Registered....can't wait to see what her litters will bring
Missy's Prior litter below all SOLD
male Holding for Chase  
$2600 2 weeks old here

 "Queen Kazuri" raised kitten for Dallas
past litter
Female Available! $2400
2 weeks old
Tahiti Girl..... (Andia and Bentleys Girl)
Sheeba's Prior litter below r sold, what to expect from next litter
Prior litter below r sold, what to expect from next litter
Available! Female