Dear Carrie, our family is crazy with the addition of our
 Bengal Chloe from your cattery. She is the best kitten
 ever. I know it's thanks to you, and your breeding expertise
 and raising her right since the first day. She has amazing
 personality, she is best friends with our 3 year old daughter
 and loves to play with our dogs. She follows us everywhere,
 sits on our laps and loves to be pet all the time. Thank you
 for doing such an amazing job with Bengal kittens. Thank you, Marta of Hollywood Hills, CA.

 from clients that bought a kitten

 Tigerlily's little male: Leo 
 Leo is doing great, eating and drinking well. His favorite toy
 is a straw! He loves carrying it around, it is longer than his
 body!!!  Will keep you posted. Here he is sleeping with my
 daughter. He is the sweetest boy ever. Leigh of Los Gatos, CA. 
 Alaska's F4 female: Keyomi
 We named her Keyomi, it means pure and beautiful.
 She fits in very well with our family. Our big dog and
 her play literally all day, they love each other, and
 are best friends. She is growing up to fast and has
 such a sassy little attitude, lol.....Felisha of Oceanside CA.
 Mister and Mrs Tigger
 I love them so much, Thank you for them!
 They make me so Happy! But they do get into
 things they should not, but I wouldn't change a thing!.
Marlyn Lee of Sacramento CA.
 Hi Love, Sending some pictures of Nala and
 her babies Oliver and Snow girl on our bed,
Too cute! Love these babies. Thank you
 forever love, for making my life even Better!
Leslie of Seattle Wa.
​She has a really nice personality, she sleeps with me at
 night and wakes me up after my alarm clock. She plays
 fetch like a dog and gives me welcome-lick when I get
 home everyday! Absolutely the most active and
 affectionate cat I've ever seen. I walk her every week, she
 really enjoys going out, and chasing rabbits and birds:)
Chen Mission Viejo, CA