Hello families of the Wounded Warriors,

If you heard we were giving away a black kitten to one family, please fill out your information below with your story.
 I am happy to read all your stories about why you feel this would be the best home for this black kitten. 
There will be many families like yours sharing their stories with us.
 That is why it's very important to tell me how this kitten will help
 make you happy.

 This will be very difficult for me, having to pick just one family to get this kitten, but every story will be read.
 Your story will be shared and if you are selected
 we will contact you.
 if not we will send you a letter of Hope, Love and Blessings. 
So please in 75 words or less, tell me your story.
Carrie Donahue

Welcome to BengalBabies
"Kitten give away"
for Wounded Warriors

​Located in Newport Coast CA. 92657
​A Licensed and Tica Registered Cattery

 email Carrie@BengalBabies.org

Bengals are Hypoallergenic Cats

If you feel in your heart you would like to be a part
 of this special program, and help support
 a family of a Wounded Warrior a kitten,
 please let me know by filling out this information form below.

Your name and email, and who you want to give a kitten to or
if you just like to donate. 
I will contact you.
 Your name will show on our donation list below,
 and on a card to the family/families
 of this
 "Wounded Warriors give a kitten away" project.
I will send you a receipt for your donation and support.
Thank you for helping make this truly amazing. Carrie 

Your Donations will help this program to give more kittens away to families!