Queen Andia
Village Andia of BengalBabies
DOB 7-24-08

Jean Mill of Millwood Bengals says, Emphasizing on:

*White tummies
*long bodies
*sharp contrast
*plush, soft coats, *rosettes,
*small ears
*puffy whisker pads,
*no ticking
and purrrrsonality...

Andia has just that!

Look at her
big open rosettes
Her long body
Her small ears, glitter
coat, solid body

Bengals love
the water,
Bengals are

They have a
verity of
patterns and a
wild Leopard look.

They are indeed very unique!

Pedigree TICA Reg.
Tested Negative for HCM 7-23-11
Sold as pet to Wayne and Leslie
of Seattle Washington
Nala pedigree. TICA Reg.   DOB 8-17-09
Tested Negative for HCM 7-23-11
Andia's Pedigree
Gogees and Millwood bloodlines
Beach Baby's (Sienna) sold to Carolyn
DOB 3/9/11    TICA Registered
Dam (mother)Rangi...Sire (father) Prince Charming
Levu's mom Nala's Pedigree
BengalBabies Levu
DOB 2/27/11...TICA Registered
Dam (mother) Nala...Sire (father) Prince Charming
BengalBabies Tavi
DOB 11/9/11...Tica registered
Dam (mother) is Andia...Sire (father) is Prince Charming
Tavi's Dad Prince Charming's

BengalBabies Maui Girl sold to Denise
DOB 7-13-11...TICA Registered
Dam (mother) Andia...Sire (father) Prince Charming
Maui's mom Andia's Pedigree
Prince Charming's
No rib bars, clear coat, nice outlined rosettes
at 10 days old you can see
her rosettes
old here
6 mo old here
Tavi's Mom Andia's Pedigree

Tiger Lily
BengalBabies Mango
Andia's daughter
Tavi's Pedigree
Gogees and Millwood bloodlines